Leather and Wax Canvas Care

Small scratches will occur with normal use, which will give you bag personality. You can use any quality leather conditioner to soften the look of scratches, too. Note, some color may rub off when conditioning darker color hides. Overtime, your leather will develop a rich patina and lighter color hides will become darker.

Our leather is tanned with oil and therefore repels water after a few hours or even a few minutes. Your leather will be fine if it gets rained on and there won't be spots afterwards. Just let it air dry before storing.

Wax fabrics have been successfully used for many years without washing. Shake or brush off dirt, sand or any other abrasive material. A periodic cleaning with water and damp cloth is all that is needed (do not use soap). Then air dry. 

Use a hair dryer and soft cloth to buff out and redistribute the wax on any creases or wrinkles.

For oil stains, an absorbing agent such as talcum powder or cornstarch may be applied to the stain for a couple of hours, then use a soft brush to clear away any excess powder.

Bare areas can be refinished with Martexin Original Wax refinishing compound which can help restore the wax finish.