Our Products

Our Current Collections
  • Mason Everyday Tote
  • Madison Deluxe Tote
  • Fayette Saddle Bag
  • Clark Map Bag
  • Lincoln Satchel
  • Jessamine Waxecd Canvas Totes
  • Bessie Bend Wristlet Clutch
  • Clay Pocket Wallet, Clay Bi-Fold Wallet, Clay Snap Wallet and Clay Flap Wallet
  • Boone Journal Passport Wallet
  • Harrison Journal Cover
  • Edison Composition Cover
  • Taylor Sunglass Case
  • Warren Key Fob
  • Luggage and Sporting Goods - Jefferson & Cumberland Overnight bags & Vernon Bowling Bag
  • Spirits

Read more about how we select our product names.

Our Current Colors

We choose colors that we thought would suit the most tastes and lifestyles. Our color names reflect our Kentucky heritage; Tobacco, Bourbon, Thoroughbred, Coal and Cardinal.  See the colors.

    Our Designs

    It all starts with an idea! Once we have researched, questioned, studied and critiqued, Steve hand sketches a design. He then makes the pattern out of his trusted poster board, traces the pattern on leather and then hand cuts each piece. We both work on the construction of the first sample, from gluing edges to punching stitching holes, hot stamping the logo and hand stitching and hand hammering rivets, studs and snaps. Sometimes the design requires multiple samples … to the chagrin to my tiny fingers. After we have agreed on the sample it’s ready for production. Our products are hand made by the most revered saddle makers with centuries of experience. All accessories are hand sewn.

    Our Leather

    Our leather is sourced 100% from US Steer Hide and is tanned in one of the most modern tanneries founded in 1939. We only use both full grain latigo and veggie tanned bridle leather.

    The latigo process is a combination of tanning, first chrome tanned then vegetable tanned. The leather is then infused with oils and waxes. Due to oil/wax infusion, and its partial chrome tanning, our leather is very strong and durability, all while maintaining its original beauty and color. All new batches will be made using veggie tanned hides.

    Our veggie tanned bridle leather is made using old world craftsmanship with the highest quality oils and tallows. This leather will age beautifully and most importantly maintain its strength and temper for years to come. This environmentally safe tanning process can require up to two months to accomplish, making it one of the most expensive cattle hide leathers.

    Note the scratches and other marks on our leather goods are natural characteristics of full grain leather. These irregularities and variations add to the uniqueness of each bag. Every leather bag is unique because every hide is unique

    They may not seem like much, but every piece of hardware on our products are made in the USA. Each hand hammered rivet is solid copper and our studs, buckles and rings are solid antique brass.

    Dust Bag Covers
    Our new Dust Bag Covers are the perfect solution to keep your handbags looking their best. Each Dust Cover is made in our Louisville, KY, USA studio of soft cotton and designed with a drawstring closure to keep out dust and dirt.