Our Story

We are Steve and Melissa Steurer. We are doers, movers, creators, designers, inventors, builders, solvers, fixers, sharers, workers, bourbon drinkers and driven. I guess in today’s terms, we are “makers”.

With a few product ideas in mind, we started our company to create thoughtfully designed, handcrafted leather goods. Things that we needed and wanted, but couldn’t find. Pieces that would last a lifetime and can be handed down to another generation. And we thought, while we are making this great stuff, let’s be sure to promote our great state of Kentucky. Our product names are inspired by Kentucky history, they are crafted in small batches like the bourbon that is distilled here and our blog promotes travel and tourism in the Commonwealth. Today, Steurer & Co. provides genuine leather goods, from wallets and journals, all the way up to leather satchels, totes, overnight bags and this Spring a new line of minimalist golf bags.

We each attribute our brand’s successful launch to one another. Melissa calls Steve the “brainchild” of the designs, while Steve lauds his wife as the true “genius” behind the operation.

But this didn’t happen overnight. Steve learned the craft of pattern making in the 1980’s from talented sporting goods and luggage designers who learned from the talented designers of the past century. He collaborated with and designed custom golf bags for Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and other great players from the golden age of the game. After leaving the cut and sew trade, he found himself working for one of the largest producer of power tools and accessories. He learned woodworking from some of the most experienced woodworkers in the country and had the honor to meet and work with Norm Abram while learning the craft. Today, he is the designer and pattern maker for all of the Steurer & Co. products, along with the newest offering of minimalist golf bags and accessories.

Melissa, never in neutral, has over 25-years in business consulting, project management, marketing and digital media management experience. Melissa handles the logistics and day to day management including: web site development; social media, photography; event planning; retail, custom and corporate sales; order processing; shipping and design collaboration … and a few hand stitched products along the way!

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we have loved designing and making them for you. We would love your feedback, too. Contact us at Contact@Steurer.co.