Our First Event - A Night of New Style - October 5, 2016

We want to thank everyone who attended out launch event last week. We had a great crowd and had fun seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

The event was covered by Chris Burns and Nate Stein from Tab’s View. A few excerpts from the article are below. You can read the full article here: A Night of New Style 

“Last Wednesday, October 5, Bourbon’s Bistro on Frankfort Avenue played host to an exciting group of promising local fashion designers. Each designer was connected not only by their passion, ingenuity and creativity, but by one overarching theme: the state of Kentucky. “A Night of New Style” was all about uniquely Kentucky-inspired fashion pieces. From handmade leather goods named after Kentucky counties, to bourbon-dyed denim, each designer combined unique style with some homegrown Kentucky charm. The event brought together four local designers — Finespun Clothing, Roxy Nell, Steurer & Co. and Jason Woodward — allowing each to showcase their products and talk with people about how the state of Kentucky influenced their designs. These designers offer a promising glimpse into a new future of fashion here in Louisville, Kentucky.”

“Melissa and Steve Steurer, owners of Steurer & Co., each attribute their brand’s successful launch to one another. Melissa calls Steve the “brainchild” of the designs, while Steve lauds his wife as the true “genius” behind the operation. The thing is, they’re both right. Steurer & Co. provides consumers with genuine leatherwear, predominantly for men, from wallets and sunglass holders, all the way up to leather satchels. While Steve — who hails from the Portland neighborhood here in Louisville — is mainly responsible for the actual designs and crafting of the items, Melissa handles what Steve calls the “logistics”: shipping, processing, business arrangements, etc. Not only are the items at Steurer & Co. one of a kind and made with genuine care, they incorporate Kentucky’s rich history and culture into their products. For example, the Clark Map Bag (available at their website www.steurer.co) is named after Clark County, but is also loosely inspired by William Clark, the Kentucky explorer who travelled with Merriweather Lewis to discover what would become the Louisiana Purchase. The passion and energy Melissa and Steve have for their products and consumers is apparent simply by talking to them; their passion for Kentucky is evident as well. Steurer & Co. is sure to appeal to a great many Kentuckians not only because of their amazing line of designs, but also because of their dedication to promoting the Bluegrass state along with their products. For the finest quality leatherwear in Kentucky, look no further than Steurer & Co.”