Steurer & Co. at the Louisville Bespoke Fashion Event - October 21, 2016

We were honored to be a part of Louisville Bespoke, collaborative fashion organization located in Portland, Kentucky. The first Louisville Bespoke Fashion Event on Friday, October 21 was a huge success with over 500 in attendance. Proceeds from the event will go towards the renovations to a permanent design space, the Louisville Design Terminal, for education, resources and equipment for small batch manufacturing runs.

We were featured in a few articles about the Design Terminal and Louisville Bespoke.


The Voice Tribune, Creating a Community of Fashion, October 13, 2016

Creating a Community of Fashion, October 13, 2016, The Voice Tribune, #Steurer&Co. #Steurer #LousvilleBespoke #PortlandKentucky

Designer Terminal brings fashion to Portland, Courier-Journal, October 14,, Designer Terminal Brings Fashion to Portland, #Steurer&Co. #Steurer #LouisvilleBespoke #PortlandKentucky


Louisville Bespoke Fashion Showcase hits Runway, Courier-Journal, October 22, 2016, Louisville Bespoke Fashion Showcase, #Steurer&Co. #Steurer #LouisvilleBespoke #PortlandLouisville

Louisville Bespoke and Design Terminal with Gary Barragan Photography, October 22, 2016

Louisville Bespoke and Design Terminal with Gary Barragan Photography